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The perfect wheel for the perfect price...

"The Decent 2.0"

When you think about solidity and reliability in mountain biking, there's really only one brand that pops in your mind immediately since the beginning of time: Chris King. There are other brands who try to do it (and who make a pretty good effort), but when it comes down to perfect sustainability and maintainability, these hubs are still the ones to beat. Looked after correctly, these babies really do last a lifetime. Matched up with some ZTR Arch EX's, and built to perfection by the right hands, these are indestructible.

They're not just strong. If you are one of the chosen ones who have ridden these hubs, you know how important a good engagement system is. These babies just can't wait to take you to wherever you need to go. And in the end, this is what will really save you time. Sustainability, stiffness and perfect machinery. Not a few grams...


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