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The perfect wheel for the perfect price...



Our main philosophy of wheel building is revolved around the idea of equalized spoke tension. Yeah of course, even with disc brakes you want a true and round wheel, but you also want it to be stiff and strong, and they only stay that way when all spokes are about the same tension. This is where we can make the difference when compared to machine-build wheels. You can read more about this on the Projects-page.



There are a lot of original, different, beautiful and also evenly useless ways of lacing a wheel. When it comes down to quality, a 3 Cross lacing pattern with 32 spokes is simply the way to go. If you really want more spokes, we'll make it happen. Less isn't an option. You'll won't find any parts on the site. The few grams it saves simply aren't worth it, trust me...



We believe that nowadays you have to compete with everybody on the market, anywhere. That’s why we try our best to offer the best prices. Depending on the brand, sometimes we will, sometimes 

we’ll come close. But even if we really wouldn’t, we offer hassle free service and warranty after you make that tiny mistake on the trails…



We’re not going to brag about our 2 year warranty on all of our products, simply because that is mandatory… We are, however, going  to gladly  tell  you  we also offer a lifelong spoke-break-free-guarantee. If it happens, we’ll fix it for free. 


Shipping Cost

The Netherlands:                       €10

Germany:                              €10

Austria:                               €12

Belgium:                              €12

Luxumbourg:                           €12

France:                              €12

For other countries, please ask. Free shipping from €500*.



Just an example: Tune’s Kong hub can be ordered in 11 colors, 3 axle standards and 2 body types. So, just that single hub has 66 different options! As we are a small 

business, we don’t have a lot in stock. Some products may take several weeks to order, before we can even start building. However, most orders will be delivered to you within 1 to 3 weeks.



The products on this site are meant to build complete wheels only. We don’t sell individual parts, as we cannot build great stock. Believe me, it would cost us money… We’re sorry.



We like to work together with you to find what you need. If you want to reuse your old hubs, need a special offset wheel or a custom color, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do, or just make an order without the part you want to supply. We charge €25 per supplied part



As we are official dealer of Hope and Tune, we can offer any of their hubs at competitive prices. Also, if you need anything from their collection, spare parts or whatever, please contact us to see what we can do for you. 

* Excluding building and shipping costs

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