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A wheel is basically a round piece of, in our case mostly aluminum,  tied with force to another piece that makes turning possible. The way the wheel turns (and keeps turning) is depending on the inner piece, called a hub. The way it can withstand forces from outside – or from your crazy riding – is greatly depending on the outer piece. Yes, you probably guessed right, a rim.


In other words, the strength of a wheel is mostly determined by the rim. Rims come in all different shapes and sizes, each with their intended aim of use and strengths. However, the rim itself is only one part of the story of strength. What’s probably more important is the way this rim is supported. A shield without some...

Size does matter, and lets be honest, fatties are more fun...
So, we got in some new plus-size rims to make your bike look more 'heavy boned'.

Yet another axle-standard, you're serious? Yep, that's right. By 'Boosting' the hubs - meaning the hub flanges have moved further apart - we get a stiffer ride. No, it isn't going to be everything, but it probably helps a little. At least for us who need to make a living from it. Besides, a little more tire clearance isn't too bad these days as well…


Brands that sponsor the new Boost standard are DT Swiss, Hope, SRAM and Tune.




If specs are what you're in for, listen up, 'cause it's very likely these wheels are lighter AND wider than any wheels you have ever owned.


The new Blunt SS Rim from Velocity is a 'spec'-tacular example of the new 'wide and light' trend going on in mountain biking. With it's 26,6mm inner width (30mm outer), it's wider than most Down Hill rims. Yet, we haven't come across a Blunt SS 650B weighing more than an actual 380 grams on the scales... So if you want to get everything out of your tires, and get an incredibly stiff wheel, without adding any weight - is this even a question? - these are the ones to opt for.


Teamed up with Tune and some CX Ray's, these are what you call 'wide and light' i...

When you think about solidity and reliability in mountain biking, there's really only one brand that pops in your mind immediately since the beginning of time: Chris King. There are other brands who try to do it (and who make a pretty good effort), but when it comes down to perfect sustainability and maintainability, these hubs are still the ones to beat. Looked after correctly, these babies really do last a lifetime. Matched up with some ZTR Arch EX's, and built to perfection by the right hands, these are indestructible.


They're not just strong. If you are one of the chosen ones who have ridden these hubs, you know how important a good engagement system is. These babies just can't wait to t...

Sometimes you just need to loose as much weight as you can. This is how you do it: you start of with Tune hubs, of course, and lace them up with Sapim CX Rays to E13's newest beauties, the LG1 Race. A  true winner on the scales. Race day ready, but also a perfect companion on the trails.


And beauty might be in eyes of the beholder, but he who doesn't see it here is pretty damn blind...





Color up your ride with the new custom Stan's Notubes decals. Ask for the possibilities!




No time to talk, just watch:


 - Rohloff now available!



- Lightweight topmodel with new XC innerwidth-standard (25mm).



- Downhill classic.



A true allrounder. Spank Subrosa 30 EVO rims on Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs.


Strong, wide, and still not too heavy 650B rims matched with even so strong hubs, which are easily convertible to any axle standard. You could ride a marathon on them and have fun in a bike park in the same weekend. And the colors don't have to match to make 'm look pretty sweet...  




An almost ideal XC set. Ryde Trace XC rims on Hope Pro 2 Evo Hubs.


Unless you can afford Chris King, or maybe DT’s higher end, or unless you need lighter then light wheels, in which case Tune is the way to go, there aren’t a lot of reasons not to choose for Hope hubs. Then, don’t compromise on stiffness by choosing for DT Competition spokes and finish it off with some very light rims – saving weight where it counts. That’s pretty much an ideal formula for any wheelset...   



New isn't necessarily better. These REVIsed Hope Pro II Evo Hubs were given a good deal of grease, before being matched up with Spank's Spike Race 28 Evo 26” rims to create a light Downhill machine.

To respond to the never ending need of lighter parts, Spank compensated with its new Downhill option on width, not on strength, thus creating a just over 1800 grams robust wheelset here. And thanks to the ever so decent revised Hope hubs, it's not too expensive too.

DT Swiss 240s hubs on 650B DT Swiss XR331 Rims, laced up with DT Swiss Competition spokes, why would you need anything else?


The new DT Swiss XR331 Rim proves numbers don't say everything. No, it hasn't got the best specifications in the field. With it's 20mm inner width, it's slightly thinner than the competition without improving on weight per se. However, this isn't everything. They're very consistently built, very round, a very nice weld, and so make up for a very nice build. They're stiff as hell and not unimportant, they are affordable. Matched up with one of the best hubs mountain biking has to offer, this is a very solid XC set.


Or in 29":


Spank's Oozy Trail 295 Bead Bite rims are really something special. Their exceptional kind of aluminum in combination with the unique 'Oohbah' profile create a very stiff and strong rim, while still being light and wide at the same time! Moreover, the all-new 'Beat Bite' technology assures you that your tubeless tires will stay in place, even with very low tire pressure. So it's basically everything: strong, stiff, fast and comfortable, all in one!


What's more to say about Hope's Pro II Evo hubs, other than that they go perfectly together with these rims. Not just in quality, but they also come in conveniently matching colors. Together these make up for a beautiful set of All-Mountain wheels...

The assignment was an ultra-light set without going completely broke... This is what it turned out to be.


Tune's King/Kong hubset are a perfect example of 'less is more'. Only the amount of aluminum is used to make a perfectly stiff and strong machine, without the unnecessary weight. Their fast and at the same time durable bearings complete the package. Combined with Ryde's Edge MC1 rims - which aren't for those 'heavy boned' riders - just kidding - and laced up with the extremely light, yet not financially devastating DT Revolution spokes, this is truly feathery light and still fun. At 1282 grams (for a 29" set!), these wheels practically ride themselves...



They exude a lot of hope, those 29mm inner width Ryde Trace Enduro rims. Matched together with some evenly hopeful Hope hubs (sounds nice...), they'll deliver a worry-free ride. Which is nice, as you'll be flying down the course. These babies are light... With a total weight just above 1800 grams, and a rim weight of only 460 grams (650B), these are race-day-ready.


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