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The perfect wheel for the perfect price...


Choose your brand!
Choose your brand!

How does ordering work?

After you have selected the parts for your wheels, the order will be sent to us. We will examine it, check availability and suitability, and report back to you within 1 working day. The costs of specific requests will be calculated, when requested, and you will receive a final offer.

What kind of payment options do you offer?

Bank transfer or Paypal. In the case of Paypal, a 3,5% handling fee will be charged. We know, it’s a disgrace, but it costs us even more... However, in case of a pick-up, it is possible to pay a 50% down payment. The other 50 percent can be paid in cash when you pick up the wheels.

Is everything on the site available?

Basically, yes. We will try our best to keep our site up to date. Sometimes, however, some things might be temporarily out of stock at our suppliers. Spokes, for example. As every combination of rim and hub requires different length spokes, it can be quite a pickle to keep the entire inventory filled. However, we have more options then are displayed on the site, so we will always make a similar offer.  

Can I pick up my wheels?

Certainly you can. It’s free, you can check their ultimate greatness and you even get a fresh cup of espresso…

How long does a delivery take?

This greatly depends on the brand. Hubs from Hope and Tune will be ordered fresh from the factory belts, so they may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered to us. Then we will have to build them, wrap them carefully and send them to you, wherever that may be… So, 4 weeks may be the case. Other wheels may be finished within a week. We will give you a realistic estimate when we send you a final offer.

How about warranty?

All individual components come with a 2 year warranty, of course. Also, we offer a lifelong spoke-break-free-guarantee. It won’t happen. Period. 

But what if it does happen?

It won't.

But what if, in a purely hypothetical instance, somehow the utter perfectness of your wheel building skills is affected for a tiny moment, just when you were building my wheels?

In that case, which is very hard to imagine, we will fix it for free. That’s kind of what the word ‘guarantee’ means…

Ok, take it easy, just asking.

What about warranty in the case of used products?

Put very simply, there is no such thing as warranty on used products. When you break it, it’ll be very hard for us to find one in the exact same state as we sold it to you. Also, let’s face it, it wasn’t new…

But no need to worry, there is a guarantee. We guarantee that the product is in ‘good quality’ at the moment of sale. This means it doesn’t have any deficiencies and functions properly, as it is supposed to and as it is offered. This is quite easy to determine in the case of the used products we sell, hubs. Every part that doesn’t fit this quality guarantee will be fixed, and when this wasn’t done before sale, we should do it after.

Pick up and Delivery
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