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The perfect wheel for the perfect price...

"DT Party"

DT Swiss 240s hubs on 650B DT Swiss XR331 Rims, laced up with DT Swiss Competition spokes, why would you need anything else?

The new DT Swiss XR331 Rim proves numbers don't say everything. No, it hasn't got the best specifications in the field. With it's 20mm inner width, it's slightly thinner than the competition without improving on weight per se. However, this isn't everything. They're very consistently built, very round, a very nice weld, and so make up for a very nice build. They're stiff as hell and not unimportant, they are affordable. Matched up with one of the best hubs mountain biking has to offer, this is a very solid XC set.

DT 240s-DT XR331 C A-min.jpg

Or in 29":


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