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The perfect wheel for the perfect price...

"Spank Them"

Spank's Oozy Trail 295 Bead Bite rims are really something special. Their exceptional kind of aluminum in combination with the unique 'Oohbah' profile create a very stiff and strong rim, while still being light and wide at the same time! Moreover, the all-new 'Beat Bite' technology assures you that your tubeless tires will stay in place, even with very low tire pressure. So it's basically everything: strong, stiff, fast and comfortable, all in one!

What's more to say about Hope's Pro II Evo hubs, other than that they go perfectly together with these rims. Not just in quality, but they also come in conveniently matching colors. Together these make up for a beautiful set of All-Mountain wheels, which you can 'spank' as hard as you like!

Hope - Spank-Oozy-C-A-min.jpg

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