The perfect wheel for the perfect price...

Choose your hubs wisely...

Build your own wheels!​ Either choose a slick pair of new hubs or pick up a good deal on some REVIsed babies. And if you really can't say goodbye to your own, hit the arrow and we'll figure something out... 

"Whether they're new or not, we aim to build the best wheels possible. We do so by simply taking our time.

Anybody can somehow build a wheel, but it takes patience and experience to build a great wheel. A wheel, that's not just built true, but with maximized and equalized tensioned spokes, so that it stays true while you act like a fool on the slopes..."

"A high quality hub outlives any rim, and when it is maintained well it'll even outlive the sole surviving spoke. There is absolutely no reason to replace a good set of hubs. And even if you've neglected them, we'll make 'm role again like never before and you'll save some bucks to spend on less important parts..."


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6533 GG  Nijmegen

The Netherlands 


Phone: +31631173104



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