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The perfect wheel for the perfect price...

"Wide and Light"

If specs are what you're in for, listen up, 'cause it's very likely these wheels are lighter AND wider than any wheels you have ever owned.

The new Blunt SS Rim from Velocity is a 'spec'-tacular example of the new 'wide and light' trend going on in mountain biking. With it's 26,6mm inner width (30mm outer), it's wider than most Down Hill rims. Yet, we haven't come across a Blunt SS 650B weighing more than an actual 380 grams on the scales... So if you want to get everything out of your tires, and get an incredibly stiff wheel, without adding any weight - is this even a question? - these are the ones to opt for.

Teamed up with Tune and some CX Ray's, these are what you call 'wide and light' indeed...

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