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The perfect wheel for the perfect price...

"Affordable Light"

Ryde's Edge MC1 is one of the lightest rims out there, weighing only 320 grams for a 29" rim. As opposed to other brands, these rims often even come in a few grams lighter than claimed, which makes them really, really light...

In combination with Novatec Lite hubs - not too heavy themselves - and laced together with DT Revolution spokes, you get a 29'er set weighing an actual 1390 grams! At € 399 all-in, this is dream-wheel weights for an average wheel price.

There is a catch though. The rider limit for these rims is 75 kilo. As the rim is the most vulnerable part of a wheel, these limits should be respected. If you however fit the profile, these make up for an awesome race set.

Novatec - Edge MC1 29 C A.jpg
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